Discover best-in-class suppliers.

Leading manufacturers and brands use Valdera to streamline how they purchase raw materials, chemicals, and ingredients.

Sourcing is tougher than ever

Lead times, cost inflation, and supply chain shortages  make it challenging for businesses to source chemicals, raw materials, and custom inputs.

Introducing Valdera

Valdera streamlines the sourcing workflow by taking supplier discovery, tedious contract negotiations, and paperwork online.
Diversify your supply chain, lower costs, and take your cutting-edge products to market in a fraction of the time.
Empowering makers,
at scale.

Why Valdera?

Effortlessly partner with leading suppliers.

Save time
< 5 min
to submit a
No more cold outreach — submit RFQs and automatically receive quotes.
Reduce spend
savings per
Drive down material costs with a wider network of suppliers
De-risk supply
# of suppliers
per material
Reach more suppliers than ever, without the cold-calling and outreach.
at scale.

For buyers

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Source inputs quickly, without compromising your standards.

Custom specs
Find producers that meet your custom specifications and formulations.
Automatic outreach
Expand your team's capacity by automating repetitive outreach and manual work .
Send RFQs with privacy. Only disclose your company name when you’re ready.
Trusted suppliers
Discover and qualify a network of trusted suppliers from across the globe
There’s no IT lift. Sign up, request products, qualify suppliers, and purchase.
Top-tier standards
Meet stringent requirements. Easily track certifications and documentation.
at scale.

For suppliers

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Grow your business, with free leads.

Generate sales leads, fast
It's easier than ever to expand your sales funnel and reach high-value buyers.
Cross-sell into new segments
Use Valdera’s cross-selling capabilities to expand into adjacent markets.
Get online, in seconds
Just sign up and log in. There’s no IT lift or hefty implementation process.
Protect your privacy
We keep your unique product  offering private. Your IP is never public.

How it works

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Submit custom requests
Make a custom chemical, raw material, or ingredient request.
Automatically receive quotes
Get automatically routed to all the suppliers globally that match your needs. Start receiving quotes in a matter of hours.
Negotiate specs, contracts, and purchase details
Manage all your quotes, communications, and purchases in one place.
Confirm your purchase
Finalize your purchase, and track your order until it’s fully executed.

Speed up your sourcing workflow

Speak with our sales team to see how Valdera can help your business.
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