Your one-stop solution for specialized chemicals and raw materials

Find the raw inputs you need to build the next generation of products, whether it’s for R&D or full-scale production.

Request the perfect custom formulations in one click.

Build custom formulations
Source more than just off-the-shelf SKUs

No more repetitive cold outreach
Cut down on back and forth

Automate your workflow
Streamline RFQ, don’t just put it online

Manage your end-to-end sourcing workflow in our platformChemical & raw material producersR&D teams &designersProcurement & manufacturingSuppliersBuyersWiden your sales funnelOne-click to reach numerous suppliersKeep product data secureRequest custom chemicalsAutomated RFQ and negotiationTrack and save material optionsNo more back & forthvalderaWhy us?Keep YOUR product offerings privateQuickly find custom inputs for new productsReceive targeted inbound requests

Innovate quickly and differentiate your brand

Consumer Trends

Keep up with end-consumer demand for sustainably branded goods: naturally-derived, eco-friendly, organic, fair trade, recycled, and more.

R&D to Production Time

Unlock the largest bottleneck in your product development pipeline - finding the most effective and lowest cost raw inputs.

Certifications & Compliance

Purchasing behavior is increasingly influenced by certification agencies. Find the right inputs to meet the most stringent certification requirements.


Effortless sourcing is the root of cutting-edge innovation. Find the perfect inputs to build the next generation of sustainable products.

How it works

Step 1

Create an account

Provide contact info and register. Click here to sign up.

Step 2

Request unique formulations

Make unique requests with custom chemical properties that cater to your exact use case.

Step 3

Get routed to the best suppliers

With a single click, get automatically routed to all suppliers that match your needs.

Step 4

Negotiate quotes and recieve samples

Manage your requests, negotiations, and quotes, all in one place.

Step 5

Confirm order!

Track the status of your order, and convert into a long-term contract if needed.

Suppliers & Service Providers

Get online, with privacy & protection

We know keeping your unique offerings private is crucial for your success. We give you the power to access relevant buyers, without having to make your product catalogue available to the public (and potential competitors).

Reach targeted buyers, fast

Buyers can make custom product requests through our platform, and we route all relevant requests directly to you. Respond to any and all requests that fit your offering.

Understand your buyers’ use cases

We know you offer thousands of formulations. It’s impossible to stay up to date on all of their end use cases, applications, and certifications. That’s why we’ll help you label, validate, brand, and market your products to the right buyers.

Keep your product offering digitally organized and up-to-date

Standardize the way you store and disseminate product information. Digitizing your catalogues and automating product data management can enable you to proactively respond to demand fluctuations. We want to help you grow your sales efficiently.

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