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Introducing Valdera

Use state-of-the-art software to automatically receive sales leads.  Enter new segments, and grow your business like never before.
Valdera lets you discover new buyers, send quotes, negotiate, and fulfill orders all in one place, without removing you from your existing sales workflow.

Unlock growth, with zero added effort.

Save time
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to sign up
Sign up today to receive free new leads.
Reply faster
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to submit a quote
Create and send quotes in an instant.
Free of charge

additional cost
It’s completely free to receive new leads.

Generate sales leads, fast.

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Broaden your reach, without exposing your trade secrets.

Enter new markets
Find and reach customers in new segments and adjacent markets.
Protect your privacy
You never disclose your inventory, prices, products, or specs publicly.
Market intelligence
Study your buyers’ purchasing decisions, use cases, and applications.
Build trust
Educate buyers on your unique product offerings and share production insights.
Get online, in minutes
There’s no IT lift. Just sign up and receive RFQs and leads from day one.
Match with relevant, high-value buyers automatically using our algorithms.

How it works

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Sign up
Sign up for an account and wait for free leads.
Automatically receive RFQs and leads
Get notified by email when buyers request your products and services.
Respond to requests
Respond to buyer inquiries and share quotes . Negotiate contracts, receive purchase orders, and issue invoices all in one place.
Fulfill purchases and notify buyers
Fulfill purchases and notify buyers each step of the way using Valdera.

Speed up your sourcing workflow

Speak with our sales team to see how Valdera can help your business.
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