Whitelisting Guide

Last updated: August 16, 2022
  • Customer IT networks have various protections that sometimes interfere with the proper operation of the Valdera application.
  • This document outlines steps that can be followed to whitelist the services Valdera depends on to provide the full range of features.
  • Since there are many different services that Valdera uses in the background, and since new features are being deployed all the time that may use new services, this guide is not exhaustive and may need to be updated at a future date.

How to whitelist

Add exceptions in your network firewall for:

  • firestore.googleapis.com and *.firestore.googleapis.com
  • valdera.com and *.valdera.com
  • algolianet.com
  • algolia.com
  • T35E0N9F5Q-dsn.algolia.net
  • T35E0N9F5Q.algolianet.com

How to verify the application works

  • Here is a browser-based diagnostic tool that pings required GCP services: https://debug-my.firebaseapp.com. Please open it in your browser and let it run through the test suite. The blocked services will be highlighted.
  • Credentials for an isolated test account can be shared with you over a call. We can use those to log in to the application and see if the basic functionality works correctly.